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At Blair Criminal Lawyers, you’ll find a team of experts with a wealth of experience in defending criminal law matters. We are committed to offering a service that is unparalleled in the legal services market.

Our lawyers are experts in criminal law, holding specialist accreditation from the New South Wales Law Society. We are passionate and dedicated to defending any matter and ensuring that your rights are not violated.

Whether it’s over the phone advice in the middle of the night or the need for an urgent bail application first thing in the morning, we will be there to help you.


What our clients have to say.
I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!>... + read more
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R v Anthony Honeysett - High Court of Australia decision - 22/08/2014
On 13 August 2014 the High Court of Australia unanimously allowed an appeal brought by Anthony Charles Honeysett against his conviction for armed robbery. + read more
MM (Common Assault) - 24/05/2014
Charged with common assault after a dispute at a wharf, MM got a s 10 (1)(b) bond. No conviction recorded. + read more