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R v Anthony Honeysett - High Court of Australia decision


On 13 August 2014 the High Court of Australia unanimously allowed an appeal brought by Anthony Charles Honeysett against his conviction for armed robbery. + read more

MM (Common Assault)


Charged with common assault after a dispute at a wharf, MM got a s 10 (1)(b) bond. No conviction recorded. + read more



RKD is a detainee in the Villawood Detention Centre. He suffers from a number of mental health problems and pleaded guilty to assaulting Commonwealth officers at the VIDC. + read more

HTB (Manslaughter)


HTB had been charged with murder in September 2010. > + read more

NL (Importation)


NL was charged by the AFP and Commonwealth DPP with importation and attempt to possess 51 kilograms of ice and cocaine in November 2011. The maximum penalty is life imprisonment. + read more

ND (Drug Possession)


ND was charged with 5 offences related to drug possession, possession of contraband and resist officer. + read more

Anthony Charles Honeysett (High Court of Australia)


Mr Honeysett was successful in his application for special leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia + read more

SS (Assault Police)


SS was charged with 8 sequences of violent assaults against police officers and civilians. The offences occurred whilst SS was intoxicated. + read more

"Man found not guilty of murdering step-granddaughter 'Peanut' in Coffs Harbour"


Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 03, 2013: "A "loving and protective" man accused of viciously assaulting his two-year-old step-granddaughter has been found not guilty of her murder." + read more

MF (Supply prohibited drug)


MF was originally charged with supply prohibited drugs in quantity of 70 grams plus a number of possession offences and steroid offences. Patient and careful analysis of the evidence allowed for a term of imprisonment was likely to be converted into a community service order and s 9 good behaviour bonds. + read more

MB (Charged with aggravated indecent assault)


Michael was recommended to me as someone who could deal professionally with my matter. + read more

CH (Possess Prohibited Drug)


Michael was invaluable during the most stressful time of my life. I had been charged for 6 ecstasy pills at a music festival in Sydney. + read more

SV (Severity appeal to the District Court)


To others, my charge may have been minor, but due to my criminal record, parole conditions and not obtaining the legal representation I required from the start, I was sentenced to a four month custodial sentence from the local courts. Released on appeals bail and knowing I had an even greater battle to fight, I sought the legal representation of Michael Blair for my severity of sentence appeal in the District Court. From the very first phone call with Michael I was impressed. + read more

"Mighty fall: dodgy luxury car baron Sid Khoury parks himself in prison"


The Daily Telegraph, Feb 09, 2013: "After a company collapse, bankruptcy and a marriage breakdown, a 30-year career in the motor industry yesterday ended in jail." + read more

SD (Case Study)


SD was charged with 33 offences. 14 charges of blowing apart ATMs across different parts of Sydney with gas explosives and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars, 10 charges of stealing luxury cars, and 8 charges of destroying ATM machines and causing damage to surrounding shops. Edwina Lloyd and Counsel negotiated the charges where SD pleaded guilty to a total of 6 charges on the indictment and successfully had 4 charges placed on a “Form 1”. + read more

KSM (Case Study)


KSM was charged with murder and discharge firearm. The circumstances of the incident were that the deceased arrived at the front of KSM’s residence and was yelling and screaming at relatives of KSM. He then pulled a firearm from his trousers and started firing. 2 shots were fired. KSM came out the front and after the deceased raised his gun towards KSM, KSM discharged a firearm that he had in his possession. The bullet struck the deceased and he died very shortly thereafter. + read more

VGL (Case Study)


VGL was charged with hinder police in execution of their duty in relation to the location of a firearm being used a male in the middle of a street in inner western suburbs of Sydney in broad daylight. She was found not guilty and the charge dismissed, largely on technical arguments about the proper construction of the Court Attendance Notice and meaning of “hinder”.. + read more

Commonwealth DPP v LZ (Case Study)


LZ pleaded guilty to Commonwealth money laundering offences in relation to a series of bank deposits into various bank accounts for large amounts of cash which were ultimately transferred overseas. The funds were reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime because of the multiple deposits into bank accounts on the one day to avoid the $10,000 reporting limit. + read more

FA (Case Study)


FA was a victim of crime in a violent relationship. Her ex-partner was involved in crime & arrested at their home. Police found money in the safe but there was dispute over the ownership of a substantial amount of that money.. + read more

Right to Silence now not a right


The NSW Govt has today confirmed it seeks to amend the Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) that would allow juries to make an adverse finding against an alleged criminal who refuses to speak to police, but later produces "evidence" at trial... + read more

MZ (Case Study)


MZ was charged with failing to comply with a “Form of Demand” , which is demand by Police to answer questions about the driver of her car at a crash in the Eastern Suburbs. + read more

WCM (Case Study)


WCM was suspended for 3 months from driving due to loss of points. He instructed Michael Blair to appeal to the Local Court to attempt some reduction. + read more

MR (Case Study)


MR had 2 sets of Habitual Offender declarations in force amounting to 8 years disqualification from driving. Unsurprisingly he had a scratchy traffic record. He really needed a licence to keep his business on course. + read more

SW (Case Study)


SW had been charged with Drug Supply offences and a Proceeds of Crime offences. He engaged Michael Blair to act. After months of charge negotiating with the DPP, the matter was unresolved. + read more

A (Case Study)


A had a punch up with a work mate. He sought immediate advice when the Police called him. He exercised his right to silence but asked the Police to photograph his injuries sustained. + read more

L (Case Study)


L was charged with Commonwealth Social Security fraud. The amount was substantial, and she engaged Michael Blair to act at her sentence hearing. There were medical and psychological issues that needed careful attention. + read more

First Person Gaoled under new NSW Consorting laws


Section 93X of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), introduced into Parliament late last month, makes it an offence, punishable by 3 years imprisonment, to “habitually consort” with people who have been convicted of an indictable offence. + read more

Bail report tabled


The NSW Attorney General, Greg Smith SC, today tabled the NSW Law Reform Commission’s report on the Bail Act. Mr Smith said the Government would now examine the 363-page report and respond to the recommendations by the end of the year. + read more



Edwina represented a client who was sentenced to gaol for drug supply. Her client is a quadriplegic and required intensive medical care and treatment. Whilst incarcerated. + read more



Edwina is extremely dedicated to achieving a just result for all of her clients. + read more

"Sisters prostituted homeless girls, court told"


The Weekend Australian, May 26-27, 2012 - Two sisters who allegedly ran a child prostitution ring in western Sydney employed homeless girls, a court has told. . + read more

What our clients have to say.
I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!>... + read more
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R v Anthony Honeysett - High Court of Australia decision - 22/08/2014
On 13 August 2014 the High Court of Australia unanimously allowed an appeal brought by Anthony Charles Honeysett against his conviction for armed robbery. + read more
MM (Common Assault) - 24/05/2014
Charged with common assault after a dispute at a wharf, MM got a s 10 (1)(b) bond. No conviction recorded. + read more