NL (Importation)


Facing charges with a serious offence that carries 25 years to life if found guilty and being held in prison for two and half year was the most stressful, scariest and it was the lowest point in my life I have ever been in. 

Being stuck in a hole where there seems to be no light it would be easy for a lawyer to take advantage of my situation. My first lawyer only saw the money to be made from legal fees, taking no regards to my innocence or the position I was in but I was blessed early in the proceeding that someone recommended Michael Blair from Blair Criminal Lawyers to me.

From the initial contact I had with him, the honesty he had and seeing how upfront he was with me, I knew it was in my best interest to have Michael representing me.  At the end of the day being in this situation I had to put my faith and trust in Michael.

Being arrested charged for the first time and having no knowledge of what to do or how the legal system worked it was his guidance that supported me through the whole proceedings. No words can truly express the way I feel, however, I would like to express my gratitude to Michael Blair for all the time and hard work he put into proving my innocence. His passion and commitment dedicated to my case was one I am deeply thankful for. Having the knowledge that he was fighting alongside me made the ordeal I had to endure for two and half year bearable. Throughout the time he never gave up nor let me fall. The fact that from the beginning he believed my innocence gave me hope and strength as I knew I had a determined fighter representing me.

His work extended over and above my expectation, he continuously notified my family and friends on the progress of my matter which had reduced some of the stress that we all encountered.  Throughout the proceeding both Michael and I stumbled upon some setbacks but the determination he carried the whole way gave us the end result we were both fighting to achieve. I will admit that along the way, I lost faith in the justice system but at the end justice has prevailed! 

Having had the opportunity to have Dina Yehia SC representing me and to watch her work her magic in the court room has inspired me to pursue my own career in law. Both Michael and Dina kept me calm throughout the six week trial by keeping me updated, paying attention to very little detail and continuously fighting everything the crown threw at us. Dina Yehia SC did an astonishing job; words cannot express the overwhelming emotions when the jury member read out the verdict of “not guilty”.

I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!

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I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!>... + read more
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