Michael Blair

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0414 446 399
E: michael@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Michael is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law.

Michael has represented defendants in a range of interesting serious criminal law matters across all jurisdictions for many years. His approach is marked by attention to detail of the law and facts, and preparing a meticulous defence case for his client.

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law
  • Masters of Commerce (UNSW)


Aloysius Robinson

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0433 462 453
E: robinson@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Aloysius Robinson is the senior employed Solicitor at Blair Criminal Lawyers.

In 2017 Aloysius was identified as one of Australia’s 12 Leading Criminal Law Rising Stars by Doyle’s guide.

Before practicing as a solicitor, Aloysius held a number of roles within the criminal justice system. He has served as a Tipstaff to a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW.

In addition to his legal practice, Aloysius teaches at the Law School of the University of Technology, Sydney.

Aloysius is experienced in wide variety of cases including offences of violence, drug charges, robbery, fraud, sex offences, traffic offences, firearms offences and murder. He is experienced in matters concerning the confiscation of proceeds of crime, the NSW Crime Commission, NCAT proceedings and civil actions suing the NSW Police Force.

Aloysius’ Approach

Reduced to its most basic parts, any court case or legal issue is a series of interrelated decisions of varying complexity and importance.

My approach is to provide you with the expertise, knowledge and experience to allow you to take control of those decisions.

My approach is to break down each and every decision collaboratively with you. We then explore all possible options along with their pros and cons. Once your decisions is made I adopt diligent, diverse and persistent methods to turn your decisions into action and results.

I have a strong civil-liberties ethos. I adopt a combination of aggressive procedural and evidence tactics as well as intelligent negotiation strategies in order to provide you with the fullest range of options.

I take my role very seriously but I don’t take myself too seriously. I adopt an informal, pragmatic and friendly approach.

Client Feedback

“His abilities and approach gave us peace of mind during a stressful time. We always felt looked after and supported. We highly recommend Aloysius! – Aug 2018

“Just wanted to say thanks, f***!, you’re a f****** legend”- July 2018

“Thank you for your tireless work, from the first conference we had, I trusted you had my best interests at heart”- February 2018

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • Juris Doctor with Honours
  • Bachelor of Applied Finance
  • Leading Criminal Law Rising Star Australia 2017 – Doyle’s Guide
  • Certificate in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Legal Aid Summary Criminal Law Panel
  • Legal Aid Indicatable Criminal Law Panel
  • Legal Aid Mental Health Advocacy Panel

Jessica Caligiore

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0415 831 214
E: jessica@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Jessica is a passionate criminal lawyer who advocates fearlessly to ensure her clients’ rights are protected.

Jessica was recognised in the Doyle’s Guide as a ‘Rising Star in Criminal Law’ for 2018, as identified by barristers and senior lawyers for her knowledge and expertise in criminal law. Jessica was one of only 15 lawyers to be recognised in Australia.

Jessica has been practising as a lawyer since 2014 and joined Blair Criminal Lawyers in 2016. Jessica is an experienced advocate, a skilled negotiator and has extensive experience in preparing large, complex matters for trial or hearing. Her practice consists of a wide variety of matters, from murder trials in the Supreme Court to traffic matters in the Local Court. She also has an interstate practice, with matters in Queensland and Victoria.

In addition to law, Jessica has a degree in forensic science. Her in expertise in this area allows her to identify unreliable evidence in proceedings, and understand complex evidentiary issues involving DNA. An ability to pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence is an invaluable skill which can be used to leverage her client’s position to negotiate a lesser charge, have the charges withdrawn or dismissed, or have her client granted bail.

Jessica’s background in advocacy, in combination with her knowledge of forensic science, has enabled her to excel as a defence lawyer. Jessica is a dedicated and conscientious lawyer who strives for the best outcome for her clients. She is recognised as an adept negotiator and passionate defender of her clients’ rights.

Qualifications & Professional Associations

  • Juris Doctor (UTS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science – Forensic Biology (UTS)
  • Indictable Criminal Law panel – Legal Aid Commission of NSW
  • Summary Criminal Law panel – Legal Aid Commission of NSW

Tamryn Beveridge

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0416 773 091
E: tamryn@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Tamryn joined Blair Criminal Lawyers in 2015 after gaining criminal law experience at the Aboriginal Legal Service and Salvos Legal Humanitarian.

She is experienced in a wide range of matters dealt with in the Local, District and Supreme Court and has achieved the ideal outcome for her clients, including those charged with:

  • drug possession;
  • assault;
  • a variety of traffic matters;
  • AVO matters;
  • stealing/fraud;
  • break, enter and steal;
  • weapons offences;
  • drug supply; and
  • attempted murder.

Feel free to contact her on 0416 773 091 to enquire about her experience with any matter.

She regularly appears in:

  • Local and Supreme Court bail hearings;
  • Local Court hearings;
  • AVO proceedings:
  • Section 32 applications;
  • District Court appeals;
  • Local and District Court sentence proceedings; and
  • instructs Counsel in District Court trials.

Sentence proceedings in particular are an important aspect of criminal proceedings. Tamryn acknowledges that many clients have mental health issues which have contributed to the behaviour underlying their charges. In this regard, she uses her background in Psychology to fully understand the mental health issues faced by her clients and uses that to obtain superb results at sentence.

Tamryn impresses her clients with her exceptional work ethic, determination and skill. With every matter, she ensures she has a comprehensive understanding of the facts and details of each case and the applicable law, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Tamryn is very approachable, non-judgemental and sensitive to the stresses that her clients may be under as a result of being charged.

Call her at anytime on 0416 773 091 if you wish to arrange a conference.

Naadi Sathar

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0431 340 644
E: naadi@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Naadi joined Blair Criminal Lawyers in April 2017.

A passionate and diligent lawyer, Naadi has worked on several different cases over her career. She has experience in a diverse range of criminal matters such as robberies, drug supply and importation matters, serious assaults, firearm offences and fraud offences.

Prior to joining the practice, Naadi volunteered at legal centres in the Western Suburbs and practiced overseas for one year.

Naadi takes a staunch and diligent approach to all her cases. She is a skilled negotiator and a dedicated spokesperson for her client, no matter who they may be and no matter how challenging their case. She is committed to building the strongest possible defence for her clients, which she sees through with detailed precision and unmitigated resolve.

Hardworking, meticulous and professional, Naadi puts her clients first and affords them the best of her time and expertise.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honors)

Hannah Panizzutti

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0402 002 911
E: hannah@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

B Social Science (Criminology and Criminal Justice)/LLB

Hannah joined Blair Criminal Lawyers in January 2018, having developed a great passion for the practise of criminal defence.

Her studies in the field of criminology give Hannah a unique insight into the complex circumstances that bring people into contact with the criminal justice system. She applies this knowledge with skill and compassion in order to achieve the best outcomes for her clients.

Hannah is a highly skilled advocate, having been trained and mentored by a noted QC and former Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She has received significant recognition from senior members of the profession for her bold and unflinching style of courtroom advocacy and her innovative approach to legal strategy.

Having acted in matters ranging from minor traffic charges to major Commonwealth drug importation offences, Hannah has a wealth of experience from across the spectrum of criminal law. Her passion for zealously defending the rights of her clients means that Hannah approaches all her matters with equal determination and tenacity.

Hannah can be contacted on 0402002911 or by email at hannah@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Emma Yazbek

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0418 222 104
E: emma@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Emma joined Blair Criminal Lawyers in 2018 after graduating University and undertaking extensive practical legal training in both corporate and community law practices.

Since joining the firm, Emma has worked on a range of criminal law matters and has had exposure to various legal processes. This has taught her the importance of attention to detail, as well as the skill and strategy required for successful advocacy.

Emma’s time volunteering at a community legal centre in inner Sydney has given her a strong focus on access to justice and inequality within the legal system. This motivates her to fight tirelessly for her clients to ensure that their interests are protected and advocated for within the criminal law system.

Emma is a dedicated solicitor who has a comprehensive understanding of the stress associated with criminal law matters. She strives to provide her clients with the best possible representation from start to finish.

Jasmin Kumar

Criminal Defence Lawyer

M: 0406 075 016
E: jasmin@blaircriminallawyers.com.au

Jasmin Kumar joined Blair Criminal lawyers in March 2018. Her passion for criminal law drove her to volunteer at several law practices from her early university years. She has had the privilege of working alongside renowned legal practitioners which helped broaden both her knowledge and experience at criminal law.

Jasmin is very dedicated and takes pride in her work. Her meticulous approach and case management skills are what sets her apart. Jasmin’s commitment is shown through her extensive preparation of each matter and her diligent efforts to steer cases towards the best course for a successful outcome.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management) / Bachelor of Laws (USYD)
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice