What our Clients say

NL (Importation)


I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!> + read more

FT (Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm)


Blair Criminal Lawyers gave me timely and personable information on the factors surrounding my matter. + read more

CXR (Possession Drugs)


Michael Blair's services throughout my matter were excellent. + read more



Having had an altercation in a car yard over a deposit on a car the cops were called and subsequently found myself summoned to court. + read more

PS (Mid-range Drink Driving District Court Appeal)


WOW! A Section 10 for a mid range drink driving matter!. + read more

WM (Possess Prohibited Drug)


Michael Blair is a truly honest, dedicated and genuine lawyer and I am so glad to have had him represent me. + read more

MF (Supply prohibited drug)


I was lucky enough to have Michael recommended to me by a friend, I'm certainly glad that I took the recommendation... + read more

MB (Charged with aggravated indecent assault)


Michael was recommended to me as someone who could deal professionally with my matter. + read more

CH (Possess Prohibited Drug)


Michael was invaluable during the most stressful time of my life. I had been charged for 6 ecstasy pills at a music festival in Sydney. + read more

SV (Severity appeal to the District Court)


To others, my charge may have been minor, but due to my criminal record, parole conditions and not obtaining the legal representation I required from the start, I was sentenced to a four month custodial sentence from the local courts. Released on appeals bail and knowing I had an even greater battle to fight, I sought the legal representation of Michael Blair for my severity of sentence appeal in the District Court. From the very first phone call with Michael I was impressed. + read more

VGL (Charged with hinder police in execution of their duty)


Michael Blair was referred to me through a friend. I was really worried about the possible negative outcome of my case, having little experience with the law I wasn’t sure what to expect. Michael thoroughly walked me through the entire process in a professional and most humble manner. + read more

LZ (Commonwealth Money Laundering offences)


“Michael is an extremely astute, direct, determined and well informed lawyer. He has a genuine passion for his work and is diligent in his desire to achieve the best possible result for you." + read more

FA (Proceeds of Crime)


Michael was referred to me by a previous client. With less than 12hrs notice, he agreed to take my case and went on to win it for me. Without his efforts I would have lost & gained nothing from an ongoing case that was able to be settled. . + read more

WCM (suspended for 3 months from driving due to loss of points)


"Michael is genuinely amazing - clearly he's someone who lives for a challenge. Despite an extremely intimidating Magistrate and a pretty tough sell, Michael achieved an absolutely stellar result." + read more

MZ (charged with failing to comply with a "Form of Demand")


Michael Blair was extremely efficient, thorough and the communication between me and him in regards to my case my impeccable, which was very important to me to be totally kept in the loop in regards to my case. + read more

MR (had 2 sets of Habitual Offender Declarations)


Thank you Michael, thank you. It was great to find a competent lawyer when I needed one most. Thanks for always answering my calls and emails and keeping my mind at ease. + read more

SW (charged with Drug Supply offences and Proceeds of Crime offences)


Michael, you were extremely diligent, hard- working, thorough and god forbid I'm in that position again, I wouldn't want anyone else representing me and wouldn't put my life and freedom in anyone else's hands but yours!! + read more

Geoff (charged with trespassing)


Edwina you are a credit to the Legal Profession, and I again thank you for everything you have done for me. + read more

Ashley (charged with Demand money with menaces in company)


I was facing a serious criminal charge and I expected to go to gaol. Blair Criminal Lawyers got me off completely – I’m absolutely ecstatic! + read more

Ali (charged with Aggravated break and enter whilst on parole)


I went to Court with an aggravated break and enter. I walked away with a good behavior bond. These guys are mad at what they do! + read more

David (charged with aggravated indecent assault)


When I was arrested, I felt desperate and afraid. My lawyer reassured me that they would do their absolute best for me. That they did! + read more

Compassionate, thorough fight for my freedom and innocence.


Michael called me as a witness at my own committal – after 3 days of fighting with the DPP all of the charges got discharged at the Local Court. + read more

What our clients have to say.
I’ve been acquitted of the charges I owe my sincerest gratitude to Dina and Michael for my freedom, so thank you for everything!>... + read more
Latest News
R v Anthony Honeysett - High Court of Australia decision - 22/08/2014
On 13 August 2014 the High Court of Australia unanimously allowed an appeal brought by Anthony Charles Honeysett against his conviction for armed robbery. + read more
MM (Common Assault) - 24/05/2014
Charged with common assault after a dispute at a wharf, MM got a s 10 (1)(b) bond. No conviction recorded. + read more