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We specialise in defending criminal and traffic law matters. Our lawyers understand the importance of seeking timely legal advice. We are dedicated to provide a comprehensive service, offering advice from the moment a person is charged, right through to the completion of the matter.

We also represent clients in suits against the Police when rights have been violated – illegal assaults, illegal detention, illegal arrests and many more.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, or have had your rights violated then call one of our lawyers as soon as possible. Blair Criminal Lawyers can advise you on the best way to proceed with your legal issue.

Driving Offences

Driving related offences include charges such as drink driving, drug driving, dangerous and negligent driving. Other common offences include driving while disqualified, suspended, cancelled or unlicensed, speeding and offences related to operating trucks and heavy vehicles.

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Drug-related offences include charges such as the possession, manufacture and cultivation of substances, along with the supply and trafficking of illegal drugs.

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Assault offences include charges such as common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm or grievous bodily harm and AVO related charges such as breach of AVO. Other common charges include assault on police and reckless wounding or grievous bodily harm.

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Sex offences include charges such as sexual assault, act of indecency, indecent assault, prostitution offences and child pornography offences. Other charges include child related sexual offences and offences relating to the procurement of prostitution.

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These types of offences include charges such as possession of an unlicensed or unregistered firearm, possession of weapons or explosives in public places and places of detention and possession or making of explosives. Other common offences include causing danger or dangerous use of firearm or spear gun, firing at dwelling houses or buildings (drive-by shootings) and offences involving the safe keeping of firearms.

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Fraud and White Collar Crime Offences

These types of offences include charges such as embezzlement, fraudulent misappropriation and obtaining benefit, credit or money by deception, fraud or misleading statements. Other common offences include directors cheating or defrauding and corrupt commission or rewards.

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Break and Enter, Robbery and Stealing Offences

These offences include charges such as break, enter and steal, receiving stolen goods, possessing house breaking implements, goods in custody and illegal use of a motor vehicle (otherwise known as joyriding). Other common offences include robbery and armed robbery and offences related to extortion.

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Bail (now referred to as Release Applications) is the release of a person from custody on the condition that they will appear in Court at a later date. The accused will have to agree in writing, that is give a written undertaking, that they will appear at Court on the date and time assigned to them. They will also be required to advise the Court of any change in address.

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Our clients are sometimes illegally arrested, detained and assaulted by the Police. You do not have to tolerate violation of your rights. Blair Criminal Lawyers can advise you on the best way to proceed with your legal issue.

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